Monolithic Industries (MI) can compound and mix active pharmaceutical additives and polymers using a melt extrusion process.  Specialized small batch equipment allow drugs and multi polymer systems to be combined and extruded into multiple medical device formats:

1. COMPOUND ==> MIX==> EXTRUDE…. in one processing step:

MI uses specialized mixing technology that allows sequential, ONE STEP compounding and extrusion processing of required forms for biomedical device creation.


        MI can produce polymer fiber:

      • 5 to 300 filament
      • 0.5 to 30 dpf - 0.75 to 40 dtex
      • R&D and production quantities available: 0.5 lbs to 10,000 lbs

        All Bioresorbable / Implant, Pharma, engineering and experimental Polymers possible with and without additives.

        PCL PGA PLA PLLA PDO STARCH HPC (Cellulosics) PVOH PHA / PHB PHO EVA Experimental Polymer Others

        Pharmaceuticals Mineral fillers Preservatives Colorants Antimicrobials

2. Trials /Development / Production performed with as little as 50 grams of polymer.

MI specializes in micro-scale extruders, compounders and reagent mixing methods. Pharmaceutical actives and polymers are often very expensive and degrade in large scale extrusion machinery used by other processors. We specialize in, micro-mixing technology, rapid and small batch feasibility trials with minimum heat histories. These methods and machinery yield the highest properties and activity from the extrudate. Extrusion of the entire process in a single facility, consolidates supply and regulatory considerations.


 MI can facilitate several trials and extruded articles with a minimum of valuable raw materials.


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